Ellen Terry


Ellen Terry (1847–1928) was an English actress who became the leading Shakespearean actress in Britain.

Born into a family of actors, she began performing as a child and toured widely in Britain in her teens. Among other comic and dramatic roles, she gained fame for her portrayals of Portia in The Merchant of Venice and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, opposite Henry Irving, both in Britain and America. She later managed the Imperial Theatre in London, lectured, and continued to act until 1922.

Managing Screenshots in Mac

A colleague of mine started using Mac for the first time. She took a couple of screenshots in order to share the same with the team members; however, she wasn’t sure of the location where the screenshots gets saved.

defaults read com.apple.screencapture

This command might look Latin & Greek for those who aren’t familiar with coding, but it can be remembered easily by splitting it into three sections.

  1. com.apple.screencapture – type of activity
  2. read – type of operation (in this case, we gotta read/know which is the default storing location)
  3. defaults – a preselected location configured in Mac

location = “/Users/Prasanna/Downloads/Screenshots”;

After specifying the command in the terminal, response as shown above will be displayed. The response indicates that screenshots are stored in the folder ‘Screenshots’ under the parent folder ‘Downloads’.

Now that we have figured out the default location, is it possible to change the location? The answer is YES! It can be changed.

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Desktop/Screenshots

After specifying this command in the terminal, hit Enter on the keyboard.

killall SystemUIServer

After specifying this command in the terminal, hit Enter on the keyboard. This command is to terminate the currently running process and configure the system to save the screenshot in the new location.


₹50 Extra, Why?

The guy from the cooking gas agency delivered the gas cylinder. The bill was ₹594. Gave him a ₹500 and ₹100 currency 💴 note and thought let him have the change.

He showed no sign of movement. I thought 💭 he was counting the collected money 💰; however, just to ensure I asked him “Is everything alright?”.

“You got to give me ₹50 more – the standard delivery charge”, was the response from him.

I was “WTF!?…Why should I pay ₹50 more?”, but gave away the money.

Some of the questions that popped up in my mind were:

1. Does the bill amount include or not the transportation/delivery charges?

2. Where can I get to know the answer for the question above?

3. If the transportation charges are included, whom should be notified about this?

Where’s the excitement?!

A trip.

A flight travel for the first time.

A distant vacation for the first time.

A long longer weekend for the first time.

All these calls for a great amount of excitement, right?

For some reason, I don’t see the enthusiasm, excitement or the buzz among the people who are about to make this trip.

I hope 🤞 they enjoy the trip and make it a memorable one.