₹50 Extra, Why?

The guy from the cooking gas agency delivered the gas cylinder. The bill was ₹594. Gave him a ₹500 and ₹100 currency 💴 note and thought let him have the change.

He showed no sign of movement. I thought 💭 he was counting the collected money 💰; however, just to ensure I asked him “Is everything alright?”.

“You got to give me ₹50 more – the standard delivery charge”, was the response from him.

I was “WTF!?…Why should I pay ₹50 more?”, but gave away the money.

Some of the questions that popped up in my mind were:

1. Does the bill amount include or not the transportation/delivery charges?

2. Where can I get to know the answer for the question above?

3. If the transportation charges are included, whom should be notified about this?

Author: ADubiousGuy


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